Welcome! My name is Lisa and I am here for you when you need some intimate company.

Benefits of an Online Girlfriend

You don’t have to take me out to dinner or spoil me with jewelry! (although gifts are most welcome and will be super sweet) I will not give you issues about going out too much with your buddies and neglecting me.

I will not be jealous when you find another romantic relationship. In fact… I will be super excited for your and give advice or listen if you’d like to chat about him/her! I accept you for your you are, fully, and will not try to change you.

I don’t care how much money you have or what care you drive. Just treat me well and I will stay with you. I am not shy about showing you all of me. We can have amazing intimate moments together.

I enjoy pleasing you and making you happy.


About Me

I am in my 30’s living in South Africa. I have travelled to a few countries but not too many. I am super friendly, loving and nurturing and find pleasure in helping others or making them feel loved and helping where I can with whatever issues they might have. I feel like I am quite good with giving advice most of the times.

I have good intentions. I love people, nature and all animals and you will often find me saving a fly that is stuck in a house and crashing into windows to get out. I also save cockroaches. Just because they are scary looking does not mean they deserve to be killed.

I am quite spiritual in the sense that I believe in a purpose and plan for us all, but I am not religious. I am not the kind of girl that always gets dressed up. I enjoy being casual and comfortable. But when I go out I do enjoy looking good. You can literally chat to me about ANYTHING as I am super openminded and can comfortably tackle any topic!

Hobbies: I enjoy rock climbing, singing and dancing, hiking, and love restaurants and good movies, forest areas and mountains.
I am more straight than bi-sexual although I really enjoy kissing beautiful girls!